The Resurgence of original Hip Hop Era Of The 70’s, 80’s and Early 90’s



The Hype

Back 2 Hip Hop is the resurgence of the original Hip Hop era of the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s.  Hip Hop from this era shared stories of life and how to overcome obstacles.  Hip Hop told the story of everyday living, the ups the downs, the highs the lows, but we were given strength hearing about life stories in music that mirrored our everyday life…Hip Hop gave us hope to know that we were not alone.

Back 2 Hip Hop is a movement, it will shift the culture of modern-day Hip Hop music, back to an Ole Skool vibe/rhythm, when Hip Hop gave hope, life and love to all who heard its melodic properties.  So, how will this movement get started? Glad you asked!  It will start with you, your friends, love ones and those who encompass the untold stories of Hip Hop.

Now, this is not for the faint of heart – lol!  When you post your creative genius to this site, you should know that folks are gonna see what you’re working with. Your face, your name and your talent will be front and center on the World Wide Web.

While we make no certainties – nor guarantees that you will make the cut, we are looking for your talent to produce and pitch our Reality Television Show, called “Back 2 Hip Hop”.  What does that mean?  It means the more votes you obtain for your uploaded creative genius, the better your chance at being selected for our pilot pitch to a network.

Hence, our love for community – get your friends, family and love ones involved, as you upload your creative talents, let your community jump start your fan base. EVERY vote counts!

*THERE ARE ALWAYS RULES:  Our site is not for posting violence, vulgar, obscene, derogatory, offensive, nor discriminatory content.  To make sure we keep our site family-oriented – EVERY submission uploaded MUST be APPROVED prior to your creative genus being displayed for our public audience.  Our public audience ranges from 13 years of age to 90 years young.

If you submit content that may be considered offensive to our public audience – well we’d like to thank you for visiting our site, but you will not be a part of our community.

We simply want to bring back the Ole Skool flavor of Hip Hop.  We want to get you involved – if you can Free-style, create Spoken Word if you’re Magical with Satirical Street Art, can Break Dance, or you are a Musical Prodigy,


Love Y’all.

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