Bring your “A” game – this battle is not for the faint at heart nor the caddy rappers!  Let us see if you have what it takes to be called a Hip-Hop Artist!  The key here is to rap about something of value, “off-the-cuff” if you dare (to the newbies, off the cuff means freestyle, fresh flow, no rehearsing, let the lyrics go).

Examples would be to free-style about life, education, death, love, poverty, money, etc., we aren’t looking for the same ole same old lyrics with profanity and degrading one another.  Back 2 Hip Hop means just that, tell us your story or circumstance(s) where “change” is needed – Paint Us A Picture With Your Words!

From the lyrics of Pigmeat Markham, DJ Hollywood, Afrika Bambaataa, MC Coke La Rock, Grandmaster Caz, Cold Crush Bros., Funk 4+1, Fantastic Five, Treacherous Three, Kurtis Blow, Melle Mel, Grandmaster Flash, Crash Crew, Wu Tang Crew, Tribe Called Quest, Pac, Ice Cube, NWA, EPMUD, Roxanne Shante Queen Latifah, Monie Love, MC Lyte– the list is countless of the “GREATS”, we were entertained by their music, BUT we learned life lessons from their stories…those stories being real life experiences!

If you have what it takes, *upload your best free-style rap and let the World Wide Web decide if your flow is dope!  If they like you, they’ll vote for you…if not, well, keep practicing.  Practice until you can beat the BEST!  Remember you need votes! Get your friends and family involved by voting for you.

*fee based

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