Satirical Street Art

Back 2 Hip Hop recognizes there are many forms of artistry.  It would be very hard and next to impossible to recognize Hip Hop without Satirical Street Art (aka Graffiti).

When I reminisce on Hip Hop the first thing that comes to mind is Artwork in the form of Graffiti.  Yes, there is a list of “GREATS” for graffiti artist who includes: Fab Five Freddie, Cornbread, Zephyr, Dr. Revolt, Inkie, Dondi, Sever, Quik, Lady Pink and Ewok, just to name a few!

While the world recognizes the masters of artistry in graffiti – do you know where graffiti originated? The first drawings on walls appeared in caves thousands of years ago. Later the Ancient Romans and Greeks wrote their names and protest poems on buildings.  Modern day graffiti appeared in New Jersey in the 60’s!

Hip Hop embraces and encompasses Art in many forms without Hip Hop, we lose Culture!  Without Culture there is no Art!  Without Art, we have no Voice and no Color!  Without a Voice and without Color, all remains is a void!  Let’s Get Back 2 Hip Hop….Artist take your mark, get set, GO!

When sharing artwork, it must be your original piece! *Upload your creative artwork now!  Remember you need VOTES!  Make sure to share Back 2 Hip Hop, with your network of friends and family!

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