We dare not reference Hip Hop and forget to include Poetic Justice!  As we pay tribute to the “GREATS”, we must never forget the literal art where stories, lyrics and poems are spoken rather than sung or rapped.

Back 2 Hip Hop remembers the GREATS of “spoken word” Paul Dunbar, Langston Hughes, Geoffrey Chaucer, Mayo Angelou, Shakespeare, Quincy Troupe, Nikki Giovanni, and many, many more!!!!

Do you know where Spoken Word originated?  Some American spoken-word poetry originated from the poetry of the Harlem Renaissance, blues, and the Beat Generation of 1960s.

Spoken word in African American culture drew on a rich literary and musical heritage.The Civil Rights Movement also influenced spoken word.

Spoken Word gives you the opportunity to showcase your talents.  Share your story, your voice and your world through poetry! *Upload your poetic floetry now and DON’T FORGET to share Back 2 Hip Hop with your friends and family…remember you need votes!

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